INNERVATE – Casting Call

  • March 20, 2017

Zangrethor Digital is producing a 3 minute short film for the “My Rode Reel” short film contest, titled Innervate and we are currently casting for the lead female role.

Innverate is a dystopian cyberpunk short film set in a world abandoned by humanity, that follows a female biomechanical android and her younger sister as they look for hope in the bleak lifeless landscape.

The role we are casting for is:

Mel, female, mid to late 20’s. A small town woman stuck in the small town, but dreams of something bigger. Trying to get through life and keep her and her sister afloat in the world.

Due to the fact that Mel and her sister are bio-mechanical constructs, we are hoping to develop a movement style with a heavy focus on body language and facial expression to convey the emotion and dialogue of the short. Therefore some experience with expression and body training would be preferred (Mime, dance, etc), but all applicants will be considered.

Shoot will be two days on either the second or third weekends in May 2017 in and around the Red Deer or Calgary area (Locations are currently pending), depending on scheduling and availability of cast and crew. Non-Paid and Non-Union but you will be fed and if you’re from out of town we can put you up for the night if need be.

The first round of auditions will be held by video conference (Skype or google hangouts) and will be scheduled at our mutual convenience.

If you’re interested please email your resume and headshot to

Find out more about Zangrethor Digital at