About Zangrethor Digital

Zangrethor Digital is a digital media production company started in June, 2013 with the goal to provide high quality film and digital media production services to the Central Alberta area and beyond.

Since then ZD has worked closely with several local business to produce short and long form video productions to suit their needs. ZD has also provided graphic and motion design production to remote projects around the world.

In addition to it’s corporate and work for hire, Zangrethor also produces it’s own short films and original content.

The Man Behind The Madness

Hi there! The name’s Chris Walker. I’m a digital media artist, born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta, currently living in Olds, AB. most recently I was a full time member of the Studio at Olds College producing educational and promotional material for Olds College and it’s partners.

I began teaching myself visual effects and filmmaking at nights during high school and never looked back. After graduating High School I moved to Vancouver, BC and attended 2 years of schooling at Vancouver Film School for Visual Effects. Where I met many wonderful people and got to work on a lot of really cool projects.

After graduating I worked at the Vancouver effects studio LookFX on the feature film Warm Bodies, before moving back to Red Deer to start Zangrethor Digital. Since then I have spent time working on my own personal projects as well as expanding my creative and technical skills into the realms of Motion Graphics, animation and film production.

WTF Is A Zangrethor Anyway?

As you might expect, this is a question I get asked a lot, and the answer is two-fold, part realism and logic, part fantasy and dreams.

In the most basic, literal sense, Zangrethor is a word I invented somewhere in middle school, primarily through an intense bout of syllable mashing, for some long forgotten story I was writing. That’s about it really, it popped into my head, and has stuck with me ever since.

However for me… and I’ll warn you this is the part where I turn into a artsy dreamer sort of person that some might have an impulse to look at funny and walk on the opposite side of the street from… Zangrethor is something more, over time, as I grew as an artist and filmmaker, and began to really realize that this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life, it began to represent an idea. An ideal.  Something I think every human has somewhere in them somewhere.

A place where creativity and imagination bloom and manifest with unbounded joy.

Where every random thought and idea can become a vast universe of amazing vistas and stories.

Somewhere all of the limitations, and stress’ of the real world mean nothing, and we are free to explore the wonders of the infinite universes we can create.

Obviously everyone has their own name for this place or idea, but for me, for whatever reason, that silly little name I mashed together in middle school came to represent that place.

So when it came time to name my company, I can think of nothing more suiting than Zangrethor; and if I can bring even a fraction of what Zangrethor means to me,  to this company and everything I make here, I think I can call it a success.